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How did WellGun emerge?

I am a hunter and a sports shooter. When I bought my first rifle, I realized that there were no good quality gun cleaning solvents on the Polish market.

I ordered my first gun cleaning kit in Germany. Since the act on weapons and ammunition in Poland was amended in 2011, we have witnessed a massive increase in firearms licensing. Along with the flourishing interest in modern weapons, the awareness that guns require regular maintenance has also been spreading. However, high-quality gun solvents in Poland so far have been exclusively imported and rather expensive.


Regular cleaning of the weapon and its maintenance prevent its metal parts from rust. It increases metal part’s service life and a user’s safety. Cleaning guns has a significant impact on the accuracy of the shot, no matter if we consider either sports weapons, hunting firearms, or handguns.

Our gun cleaning solvents are the result of four years of research and testing. All prototypes of the products were tested by sportsmen, hunters and employees of uniformed services. This allowed us to develop an efficient, safe and biodegradable  formula for cleaning and maintaining weapons.

Our gun solvents recipes are completely safe for users and the environment. From the beginning, our research focused on natural and biodegradable ingredients available locally. This made it possible to obtain not only eco-friendly, but also affordable gun cleaning and maintenance products.

The agents we developed can be used to clean all types of firearms. We offer solvents for all types of dirt. These universal formulas were created for professional sportsmen to clean handguns and long weapons, as well as for hunting or sports weapon hobbyists.

Although we approach each complaint individually, we do not accept returns of partly used products.

The list of partner shops to be published soon.

Ask for our products in brick-and-mortar stores or order them from our online shop. If you wish to order a complete sample set of our gun cleaners, please write to b2b@wellgun.shop.

Fill in the form or send an e-mail to b2b@wellgun.shop containing the quantity for each product, the invoice address and the shipping address.

At customer’s request, we can deliver our products to any place in the world.

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